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Employment Law

09:43 18-Apr-2021

The firm has handled a wide range of employment matters for both individuals and firms. With individuals we are normally engaged when a dispute has arisen between the employer and the employee. For employers we typically advise when terms of employment are created, when employment manuals are created or revised, when company re-structuring occurs or when senior staff are removed. Employment law is constantly changing and as an employer there is always a need to ensure that your employment practices have kept pace with the law. As an individual, if you have a problem with your employer you need to understand your rights and obligations and these are regularly changing.

When acting for Individuals:
Individuals can have a wide range of employment issues that may include both unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal and possibly issues concerning:-

§  Contracts of employment
§  Discrimination at work issues
§  Bullying and Harassment
§  Constructive dismissal claims
§  Grievance and Disciplinary hearings
§  Compromise Agreements
§  Whistleblowing
§  Redundancy

We have acted for dismissed shareholder directors where there have been Company Law claims.

When acting for Employers:
The problem for employers with employment law is that it is for ever changing due to both legislation and interpretation derived from case law. We can offer employers a wide service which can include:-

§  Preparation of employment contracts for both junior and senior staff either on a full time or part time basis
§  Preparation of staff handbooks and disciplinary and grievance procedures
§  Preparation of consultancy agreements
§  Advising on the termination of employment including grievance and disciplinary hearings
§  Advising and providing documentation of TUPE transfers on asset sales
§  Advising on proposed redundancies
§  Preparing and negotiating compromise agreements