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Business Regulation & Risk

Every business and every business transaction is confronted by risk. At Bond Solicitors we are used to advising clients on how to minimise risk or reduce the risk of an existing business or new business opportunities.

In the UK we have many regulated sectors: these can be either business sectors such as banking or financial services for example or professional activities such as practising as a solicitor or an accountant where both individuals and firms are subject to strict regulatory processes. We can assist both companies and individuals in these areas. We specialise in financial services regulation, probably the most regulated area in UK business. The following list provides some examples of the many areas in which we can help clients:-

  • Dealing with problems between your firm and a regulator, e.g.the FSA§  Providing or updating business systems so as to comply with existing or new regulatory requirements
  • Assisting individuals who have complaints against regulated firms: this may include dealing with for example the Banking Ombudsman
  • Advising on Data Protection issues, either for a company or an individual
  • Assisting an individual or a firm that is subject to a professional disciplinary complaint
  • Assisting in the regulatory areas of financial crime, such as fraud, AML, company law offences and bribery