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Intellectual Property

It is hard to think of a service, product or activity which does not in some way depend on Intellectual Property. From financial institutions to globally recognised brands; business software and computer gaming; sporting events, iconic design; art and fashion, all of the businesses that operate within those industries are entirely dependent on the creation, exploitation and protection of IP – their most valuable asset.

The commercialisation of IP is central to a business's ability to expand and invest but once it becomes a successful asset, the threat of infringement grows substantially as others try to monetise the value of your asset. The internet enables anonymous websites to be set up quickly to sell copycat products to consumers, diminishing your brand and generating huge profits for infringers who steal your ideas, brands and products.

This is why the protection of intellectual property from the outset should be at the core of every business's plans.  As well as the monetary impact, inferior products can damage the reputation and desirability of your brand.

We are committed to helping businesses protect their valuable intellectual property.