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Commercial Disputes

At Bond Solicitors we are experts in resolving commercial disputes. Many disputes can be resolved through sensible communication between the parties, with the lawyers acting as intermediaries. As a firm we have reached successful financial settlements in this manner and naturally this is a lower cost solution than mediation, arbitration or commercial civil litigation. On other occasions, despite our best efforts, matters go to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which may be mediation or arbitration, and provided there is goodwill, we find that this will normally resolve disputes. Naturally we are used to seeking settlements by mediation. Sometimes however disputes become so intractable that they can only be resolved by commercial civil litigation. Again we are litigation solicitors and are thus entirely familiar with the Civil Procedure Rules and taking matters through letters before action, civil claims and high court procedures and settlements.

The scope of the litigation and disputes we have handled is wide and covers all the specialist sectors set out elsewhere in this website.