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About Us

Bond Solicitors specialises in dealing with business matters, both opportunities and problems. These can be either problems that a business has or problems that, as a member of the public, you have with a business or other individuals.

The firm has years of experience particularly in the area of creating cost effective solutions to business issues and individual claims.



  • Your business may have been the subject of attack by financial criminals. The firm specialises in fraud prevention, investigation and recovery as well as anti-bribery measures and AML issues

  • Your business may be the subject of a commercial dispute. We are experts in commercial civil litigation and dispute resolution. 

  • Your business may need commercial legal advice or assistance. This could be in drafting contracts, in areas of company law or a wide range of commercial legal support that can be offered. 

  • Your firm may need assistance in areas of employment law.

  • Your firm may operate in a regulated business sector. We are experienced at dealing with regulators and can provide assistance and advice to support you.

  • We have within our team, experienced media lawyers and can assist in this specialist area.




We are experienced in franchise disputes, having won settlements for clients where franchises have not performed 

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