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The Top Four Benefits of Becoming a Retained Client

✔ Freedom to pick up the phone whenever a situation arises, to share a problem or to run through a business idea, allowing you to quickly deal with the matter.

✔ Building a closer and more in-depth relationship resulting in a deeper understanding of your business which means more efficient, personalised and essential advice.

✔ Fixed fees means predictable costs which are easier to budget.

✔ Discounted Fixed Fees cuts your annual legal bill substantially.

£249 per month

Start Ups Complete Legal Package

Everything a start-up needs to get its business off the ground. We will help you operate safely and protect you, your business and assets.

Included in this package:

  • Company Incorporation and Articles of Association.

  • Lawyer-drafted, ready-to-use contracts:

    • Website Terms and Conditions

    • GDPR compliant Privacy Policy

    • One Way Confidentiality/NDA Agreement

    • Two Way Confidentiality/NDA Agreement

    • Founders Intellectual Property Assignment

    • Employment Contract

    • Consultancy/Contractors Agreement

  • General start-up legal consultation and advice (half an hour every month).

  • 20% discount on additional legal services.

  • 12 months subscription period.

£349 per month


Legal Counsel


We will help you grow your business successfully and safely, covering the full range of business law requirements.

Included in this package:

  • A full 2 hours of legal review, drafting, consultation and advice included every month.

  • Assistance with:

    • drafting your legal documents

    • dispute resolution

    • negotiating client agreements

    • advising on commercial issues

    • advice on litigation (whether your company is Claimant or Defendant)

    • guiding you through employment disputes

    • creating share option schemes

    • trademarking your brand

    • chasing late payment of debts

    • strategic advice and sounding-board for management decisions

  • Free-of-charge legal health-check of all your business contracts, including full written report identifying concerns, unlawful or risk-generating clauses, and suggestions for correction and strengthening.

  • Confirmed use of Bond Solicitors as named in-house ‘Legal Counsel’ (or as "Company Solicitors" as you prefer) to your company throughout your subscription period.

  • 20% discount on additional legal services.

  • 12 months subscription period.

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